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3 Reasons Massages Are Effective

Many people question whether massages are effective, and those who have been the recipient of one can usually testify that they are. However, if you are met with skepticism, or you are a skeptic yourself, you might need a little more information, like why massages work. To help you understand the process a little better, listed below are three reasons why massages are effective for treating a variety of conditions.

1. Massage Increases Blood Flow

When you receive a massage, your muscles are rubbed with varying degrees of pressure. When this rubbing occurs, blood flow to the area is stimulated, allowing healing to occur faster. This is why deep tissue massage is often sought after to help relieve muscle soreness, but optimizing blood flow through any type of massage is beneficial to everyone, whether they are sore or not. Efficient blood flow helps promote better immune health and keeps your body running at its best because all your muscles and organs are getting the oxygen and nutrients that they need.

2. Massage Releases Endorphins

Hormones called endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers, and they are released in abundance during a massage, which explains why people who are experiencing pain, either from muscle soreness (as discussed above), an injury, or any other cause, experience relief when they receive a massage. Additionally, endorphins promote general happiness and a feeling of well-being, helping to relieve problems that are more mental than physical.

3. Massage Increases Delta Waves

On top of its many benefits, massages also increase delta waves, those that are associated with deep sleep. This explains why many people fall asleep while receiving their massage. For most people, the relaxation that they experience during a massage, along with the alleviation of pain and soreness, helps them sleep better and more deeply at night. On the flip side, it has also been shown that alertness increases after a massage, meaning you’ll be able to focus better on the tasks you have to complete afterwards and rest easy at night knowing you accomplished so much.

There you have it; some of the most common benefits associated with massage, explained for you or for anyone you’re trying to convince. Massage is a very effective treatment option for a variety of ailments, and if you have been skeptical of their efficacy, or know someone who is, keep the three reasons listed above for why massage works in mind. To learn more, speak with a business like Therapeutic Body Concepts Massage Clinic.


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Craniofacial Massage Therapy: What It Is And How It Can Help With Several Conditions

Craniofacial massage therapy is a type of massage therapy where the masseuse gently rubs your entire head and some parts of your face. Usually, if you go into a salon and ask for a full massage, the massaging of your head and neck is included. Craniofacial massages are essentially the same thing, except that your cheeks, temples and forehead are also included in the massage. There are many benefits to regular craniofacial massage therapy.

Stress and Headache Relief

Every muscle in your neck and face automatically tense up when you experience a less than pleasant situation that demands your attention. This creates a lot of stress and stress creates pain. Craniofacial massage therapy relaxes you, relieves the tension and stress, and helps the body create endorphins, the body’s natural pain reliever. If you suffer headaches or migraines frequently, you may even receive a referral from your general physician to a massage therapist who is is skilled in this type of therapy.

Nerve Issues and Eye Strain

Ever wonder why you rub your eyes after staring at a computer screen for several hours? It is the body’s way of telling you that your eyes (and your brain!) have had enough and you need a break. Continuing to stare at the screen after giving your eyes a gentle massage can result in more damage to the lens and/or optic nerve, which both need time to rejuvenate. Additionally, any nerve conditions you already have are exacerbated and you need the gentle pressure and release that massage therapy provides.

TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) Patients

Patients who suffer from TMJ have constant pain in their cheeks and jaw, and it can extend into their temples. The facial work these massage therapists provide relieves the pain and helps relax the temporal muscles that hold the lower jaw in place. The constant jaw popping that you feel decreases because your facial muscles are not working overtime to reposition your jaw.

Finding a Craniofacial Massage Therapist

If you are looking for a massage therapist to relieve any or all of the above problems, start by asking the local salons if their massage therapists are certified/licensed in craniofacial massage. If your general physician can refer you to a therapist, that helps too. You will have better luck finding a craniofacial massage therapist if you live in one of Canada’s major cities. For more information or to make an appointment, contact a professional spa like Lakeside Spa.

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